Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Just Want to be a GirlFriend

Some women are just the marrying type. Not as in wifey qualities but as in they are looking to get married. Sometimes, like tonight I wonder why I am not like that. The entire idea of marriage is not something in the forefront, nor the back front of my mind.

I am at a point in my life where I can spot out my marrying type friends, and know that within the next two years they will be on to another planet. I fear I will be that lone single friend waving bye as my home girls drift away one by one! The reason I consider them the marrying type is because they set up their relationships to lead in that direction. Some may play house, some make decisions with their undetermined marriage date in mind, and some just plan put it out there!

Well I realize I am not the marrying type, one thing I look forward to is that committed, deep relationship. Honestly, I am not trying to be anyone's wife, I just want to be a girlfriend. I want to be with someone and develop a relationship. I want to invest time, develop true feelings, and set REALISTIC expectations. I want to spoil, surprise, and experience a man on the same page as me. I want to be a GOOD WOMAN to someone one day.

It is like I have learned so much from my past relationships and myself that I cannot wait to have the chance to "REDO" with someone. I just want to master my Girlfriend skills!


FiGZ said...

Some ppl are usually ready for that step; more so than others. I agree with you. I'm gonna need that in between time to get to know someone. There has to be that progression that I am sure a lot of ppl are aware of (i.e. friends in their own respective corners, onto shared space, and then the question is when is someone gonna pop the question). I dig though.

On another note I wonder if any female buppies would ever pop the question before the guy ever thought to?

I wouldn't feel any less of a man if a would did that but I feel more compelled to do it the old fashioned way (i.e. ask the father for his permission to marry his daughter).

The Tenant said...

So no kids either?

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