Saturday, January 17, 2009

We GOT Problems

Ya'll heard that right? WE GOT PROBLEMS. I am excited about my Dude Obama. YAY Jan. 20! ...blah blah blah.

But WE GOT PROBLEMS. I did not vote BARACK because he was black. I voted because he would help us over our problems.

Today I stopped and pondered. This dude is walking into some SERIOUS SERIOUS ISH!!!. Like our ECONOMY needs a total revamp.

The CAR Industry was like the last thing manufactured in the US. (US CARS SUCK BTW) and that's pretty much a delayed wrap. Leaving us what producers?....DEBT Producers. Cus again the entire system AKA American Dream is based on Producing DEBT (BUT pay the GOVT their cash first.)

BARACK is not our savior. He is our catalyst for change. We need a serious revamp on our fundamentals in the US. WE ALL need to get involved. I look forward to the day we are out of this slump.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely agree. I worry about this because in the media they are trumping this election day as a black holiday. While this is a great occasion for our people, it is the same ceremony that any president undergoes. Barack will face the same problems and probably greater ones than any president has. There is a lot of weight on this man's back, I really wonder how he will deal with all the problems, I think the celebration this weekend was too much and went a bit overboard, not by much though. Its like when you have someone join an organization, you can get through the initiation but what really matters is what you do when you actually have the letters. You are so right about the change that people need to make and the sacrifice that will be needed to make things work. I'm not sure if everyone understands this. As far as I am concerned Barack cannot save us from ourselves...

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