Friday, January 23, 2009

Meeting the 'RENTS?

Lil Funny !

I am the first person to avoid meeting the PARENTS. I've never been into it, primarily because my parents are the most judgmental folks. I have seen how they "GO" on people!

To me meeting the parents, is a FIRE SIGNAL, saying "I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING THIS PERSON". EEEEK!!! Scary!!! Presenting yourself to Parents to be judged is beyond frightful.

Did your Significant other (SO) brief you? I make sure I brief mine, and I expect the same. After all Parents are deal breakers or winners. I can always get RID of you, but not my parents! If my parents hate you, I will never stop hearing about it. If they like you, I will never stop hearing about it. Who wants to be in that situation??

On the flip side, the IDEA of meeting the parents is a sign of trust and respect. Its wonderful to have made it to the level where you can do this. While I like the idea, I am not always excited to jump into the action. EEEK.

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radiotherahim said...

that is one of my favorite tv shows! but i have never seen it on hbo, lol i only seen it on the internet..."life and times of tim."

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