Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyone Needs a Break

I just came back from a week vaca in the Bahamas with 3 other buppie women.
1. It was much needed. Work is out of style.
2. It was my birthday, boo to getting older... YAY to Getting Better!

However, going to another country brings certain thoughts to mind.

1. It reinforces my extreme dislike for George Bush and his administration.
Traveling is the worst effin inconvenience in the world. (Very close to slavery) You need a passport for everywhere($$). They charge you fees for your bags($$$). This 50 lb one bag is effing pissing me off!!! WTF. How am I going to go on a trip for one week with one bag? Then you can not carry liquid on your carry-on? Did you all notice that liquids tend to be your heaviest items? Now you cant carry them on?? It's all a ploy to get our freakin money. Then the fees! How come you buy a ticket for 150 and it end up being 300?? All these damn fees. 911 Fee. Security Fee. Airport FEE! Ohhh please!

Then the entire security screening process which is pure BULLShyt! I cant tell how many times I've smuggled liquids on board. YEA! I said it. I smuggle, All types of ish! Body Spray's, Shampoos, etc. Come get me! And can someone please tell me why the hell I got to remove my shoes? WTF does that do??
All this nonsense is due to the "TERROR" GWB created. Once again..thanks for ruining my life.

2. The Level of living
Most of the employment on these islands are tourism. Hotel workers, Cab drivers, etc. How are they making it on life on that pay, when their gas is $1.50 more expensive than the US and their food is overpriced due to import fees. I mean SALSA was 7.99??? NOT a COSTCO joint that can feed like 20 ppl. No the regular you dip your chip twice and you aint got anymore joint. Yet they enjoy living with little. How come I can not do that? Cus America done got me thinking I can get a dream! YEA RITE

3. These MEN are fertile
ATTENTION!! If you are looking for a surrogate or some strait fertile sperm, take your ass to the Bahamas. I mean all the Bahamian men between the ages 20-25 all had kids!! Not married either. I must have met 20 Bahamian men and like 3 of them ain't have kids.

Overall, the vacation was safe. I suggest to all my buppie's out there, make time for this. IT clears your head. It opens you up to other cultures. You make new friends.

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