Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soul Ties

The other day my ex boyfriend call. The same EX who I have been trying to really cut out my life. Not because he did me wrong, but because I was making the conscious decision to move on from him and I was. I was a terrible terrible Girlfriend to him, and reflecting on how immature I was quite frankly disgusts me. Also, we had long relationship one and off throughout college making him...My first love.
I need to break that tie, so in order to do so, I need to stop talking to him, or anything that reminded me of him. So I did. Out of sight out of mind. Works right?

The truth is I realized how much of a soul tie this dude has with me. I will always care about him. Talking to him regurgitates these feelings. Not I got to have him feelings, but like a warm "awww" feelings. It makes me mad that he can make me feel this way. So I try to avoid it. To him he does not have to cut me off. He calls chipper as f&%K all the time. Which further annoys me!
" A soul tie is like a bridge between a person and another person."

Another case of a soul tie is a friend of mine, Cathy. Cathy was childhood friends with her home girl Deborah. Ride or Die. Cathy meets Lue in college. Now Lue is the type of real hater chick. She purposely manipulates folks. Cathy knew this about Lue and when Lue met her home girl Deborah, Cathy did what good friends do and warned her about Lue.

Nonetheless Deborah fall under Lue's wickedness and spreads it further to Cathy. This ends Cathy's and Deborah's friendship. Deborah continues to befriend Lue, but low and behold, the wickedness in Lue comes to the surface. Deborah is blown. Tries to reach back out to Cathy.

At first Cathy does what she should. Does not accept Deboarh in her life, and moves on full force. 1 year later Deboarh comes back again. Cathy is obviously in a new spot in her life. Matured with new friends, nevertheless, Cathy is torn. She has learned to let go of this friendship, Yet the feeling of hurt and ties reside. Thats a soul tie.

Some relationships in life are of the upmost importance and some are not meant to be there. A soul tie can be one or the other.Negative or positive. Soul ties are painful connections that we have to consciously accept or wholeheartedly cut off. Who are you tied to that you cannot get rid of? He/ or She maybe holding you back. Or he/she maybe meant to be there! Its all for you to determine. One of the keys is not hate. Harbor no hate in your heart and make a decision. People in your life are meant to add to it. Not take things away! Soul ties are mini blessings and lessons. Learn from them. Accept them. Move on.


Popsicle said...

Great post... very true

Soul Status said...

I've got a soul tie to a girl I knew in the second grade. Crazy as it seems, I cared enough for her at that time and never let go. I moved without saying goodbye or see you later and to this day she ALWAYS pops up in my mind...wondering what type of woman she's grown she good, bad...blah blah blah...anyway.. Soul true.

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