Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is Recession Proof In Your Life?

So during my daily NPR fix, Neil Conan was discussing with his guest the day to day indulgences that Americans have and are accustomed to and what things they are willing to cut out in the midst of a recession and what things can not be cut! It made me think about my spending and some of the things in my life that are recession proof and things that are not.

Recession Proof
Hair- I used to go every 2 weeks now I have cut it to once a month. I think that is sensible. However, my hair NEEDS my stylist so this aint being cut!

Organic Produce- I have stopped going to Whole Foods, well I do not go as much. I found a nice friendly Farmer's Market down the street that has GREAT fruit and veggies. So again I could not cut it but I am able to budget it a little better

Brazilian Wax- NUFF SAID! It aint being eliminated!

Massage- So yeah I have just gotten into getting a massage once a week and I LOVE IT!!! My mother gave me the idea and it is a tremendous stress reliever! I think I may make this more of a once every 2 week thing though.

Not Recession Proof

Starbucks- I like all those little lattes, frappucinos, and such but that sh*t adds UP! I'm cool. I got a coffeemaker and I like the McDonald's iced coffee so I can manage!

Mani and Pedi- To a lot of my friends this can not be cut however for me it is not that big of a deal. I will do it myself. I got a kit and everything and I am getting pretty damn good at it.

Middle -Premium Grade Gas- Uhhh yeah back to regular. Every once in a while I will still put a higher grade in the tank but not often. I will just make sure my car maintenance is on point. It aint like I'm driving a BMW or Benz out here!

Gym- So I only got a gym membership because it was discounted through my job. But I never really went and I simply got tired of paying for it. I am not trying to lose any weight just to remain healthy so I bought a yoga dvd and am starting to run on Saturday mornings. I think that will do the trick!

Interested in knowing some of your indulgences and what can NOT be cut from your budget even in the midst of a recession...

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Jason said...

Never ever ever get rid of the brazilian is so necessary. Fellas like that area to be as neat as possible.

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