Friday, August 22, 2008

Relationship Trends

Being Boyfriend and Girlfriend (BF & BF, GF &GF) seems so faux pas. Who is really putting a title on things these days?

The truth is folks these days have really lost faith in the entire relationship thing.And for some reason they credit this to titles. Because they lost faith, they want easy outs. So if you are not BF and GF technically, folks think they can dead the relationship easier. No accountability or true responsibility is given with out the title.

So instead of just calling it what it is, which is being BF & GF, folks these days are skirting around the issue.
They say things such as we are "dating exclusively" or we have an "understanding",or we are just "boos".

Bottomline is this. You may be in denial but REAL TALK, if you are seeing someone and you all have discussed and accepted that you all will not be seeing anyone else...UMM your in a relationship. It aint got nothing do with titles, its all about feelings.

Have you noticed this trend in your social circles.? Alot has to do with Maturity.
Men, its all about timing. You can not make a man settle down until he is ready. Some women cannot wait, and they bounce. Ladies it okay to feel like a dude is your boyfriend when he is not. It like coming on your period for the first time. Everyone aint there yet! Go ahead and do you, because you cannot control how you feel. If he is your boyfriend he will break your heart, if he is your boo he will still break your heart. Titles do not matter. If you all have made some type of commitment to each other, respect that and it should evolve.
One thing we all need to avoid is forcing titles on each other. But do not force the relationship. Men tend to be slow. Woman can be too.

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