Monday, August 18, 2008

Video Vixens

I stop watching music videos about 4 years ago. Except for occasionally flipping channels, I am weary of this propaganda. Plus there is Youtube.

However, there is something about looking at these chicks that satisfy my hater gland. I call it my hater gland because everyone got some type of hatership in them. I admit mine, but my hater gland is only excepts extremely low doses. Little things such as my hatership/admiration for Video Hoes.

To me nothing is more powerful that having a big a$$ booty! I know. I know. But the chick from the outkast video, buffie the body, and Deelishis make me so jealous.

Now just because I can look at a womans body, does not mean I am homosexual. So consider this my "NO HOMO" Warning. Also consider this, I have no problem with homosexuals. I love everyone until proven guilty...

Let the hating begin.

Not matter how much I work out, how come my ass cannot look like Buffie???Look at this chicks waistline!! WTF? Buffie!!! What are you eating? What type of dietary system you got the redirects all your fat to your ass?? Just skipping the rest of your body??? The majority of her body malnutritioned. Your stomach madd as shyt at your a$$! She got a thong on, we cannot see it because her butt cheeks ate it. Her entire A$$ just greedy as shyt.

Ok now that my hater gland is satisfied, time to discuss the real issue. If I am 20 something educated female, who does not even watch music videos, and it effects my mental capacity ? Then Dang! This really must have an effect on the youth!
On some real ish, when I was younger, I can remember when the "Thong Song" came out. My friends and I wanted some, thongs because we wanted to mimic the video chicks. Trying to make our booties go "
da na da na"! We cannot underestimate the media and the effects that it has on us!! Particularly women. To say we are not objectified is like voting for MCCAIN? That's just dumb as shyt!

We have to be careful as women, to realize our appearance does not consume our lives. I have to even check myself. I mean, my dietary system redirects my fat to my stomach and thighs. I will NEVER look like Buffie. However my thickness is a feature that I accept. It is me. There will never be another me, and that uniquesness is what we should adore about ourselves. We have to find beauty in ourselves and not the TV screen. I meet so many women, BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT WOMEN, however it disheartens me, when all they can seem to talk about is their weight, or their wardrobe, etc.

So today's message is this: We must break this cycle of letting the media determine what is pretty. You make yourself attractive. You and only you. Tell the youth, your little cousin, sister, whatever SHE is beautiful. Let her look to her family and friends for esteem, rather than Buffie the body.

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