Monday, December 1, 2008

New Season, New Buppie

Fall is here and Winter is right behind! Quite frankly, after summer my entire mood changes. There is also a transformation of activities for us Buppie's to do. We must stay on our A+ GAME!! There is no other way.

I know all of us have been adjusting to the recession woes. Bottomline, we all have to cut budget.

So what is a Buppie to do, to maintain a lifestyle in a New Season?

Well here are somethings I do or have seen:

1. Social Networking.
Networking in person is cool, but we do have the internet. In the age of Facebook,, and Google Chat, you don't always have to catch a drink or dinner to stay in touch.

2. Read a Book! READ A BOOK!
If you do not have a library card, go get one. Push yourself to read one book for pleasure month. The library is free. The library also has free activities! Catch a book signing, or speaker.

3. Go See a Show.
Plays, Comedy Shows, Festivals. Some have cost, some don't. It's a great alternative to just clubbing/lounging scene yet is still very social.

4. Learn a Skill.
Up&Coming Buppie is learning Spanish. She is doing Rosseta Stone. Check out your Local YMCA. Join Toastmasters to work on your professional communication.

5. Revisit your Resolutions.
With less than 60 days left in the till the new year, Revisit your Resolutions! Are you doing the things you said? If not its not too late to turn it around!

6. Join a Gym.
You got to be healthy all year round. Start small. Sign up for a weekly class.

7. Travel light.
There is nothing wrong with a small road trip. Take the inexpensive bus or train. Go visit a friend you have not seen in a while.

8. Community Service.
I goal myself to at least do a service once a month. Give up one day to help someone. Adopt a family for the upcoming holidays. School Supplies for kids..something...

What else do you do in a New Season??

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