Thursday, July 2, 2009

Online Dating

Times are a Changing!!! It seems everyday in my buppie-dom, I hear about someone hooking up or getting married due to an online dating site.

I do not judge others who do chose to E date, I really hesitate when it comes to signing myself up. Number one, I am not trying to pay fees, and Number two, honestly it makes me feel vulnerable. I mean what if I see someone I know on there? What are they going to think of me? I am desperate, right?

WRONG. I signed up and saw millions of people, and oddly enough I saw some familiar faces! And of course when that happened I deleted my account!

E- dating is like the elephant in the room. It is there..just aint no one talking about how they are doing it.

The topic of E-dating lends its self to deeper discussion. Perhaps it is the way things need to be.
You list exactly what you want, and hit search. Wow that's easy.

While, I am not on my edating phase in life, I do respect it. It is RAW! It crossed borders and time zones and completely opens up your possibilities of connecting with that individual.

Often times its hard to find someone on the same page as you. Who is just real and upfront about wants and needs. One person wants to be serious, one person wants to just smash.. E Dating pretty much avoids this conflict, because instead of the coy dating scene of "Real Life" you straight advertise what you are looking for. Looking for Marriage..or Looking for a FWB (friend with benefits). This make such sites an EXCELLENT tool. It makes sense. Pursue a relationship with someone who just as serious as you are, right?

E dating makes you drop the superficial ish at the door. Looks really are not everything. How many people do you meet a day that meet your exact physical requirements and are single? E dating is camera tricks. Just because the person has a cute pic up does that mean they are really cute. This forces one to go beyond skin deep.

E dating helps you get to the point faster. No need to continue dating, or wasted nights with folks who do not peak your interest. On that first meeting you already know if its going to work out. And if it does not work, its an easy out. No hassle. No BS.

Ultimately, whatever dating you chose to do, you have to put yourself of there a bit. E dating makes sense for those looking for specific type of relationships. It forces you to truly look deep and identify what you really want from a mate. 300 questions worth of identification! If anything that part is valuable....


FiGZ said...

Three words: "I am good."

No disrespect to the people that partake in online dating, but it takes all the fun out of meeting someone sparking up conversation and being yourself. People put even more of a front online. That's my opinion though. What happened to the good ol' fashion way of meeting someone? Hmpf.

The Tenant said...

The only thing I agree with is it opens up possibilities. It doesn't force you to go beyond looks because if they don't look like the person online, you ain't seein them again. It doesn't make people "keep it real" because some people like to play games regardless or maybe they were lookin for a real relationship but when you said that "Star War movies are stupid" they figured you were cute enough to have sex with for the night.

EDating isn't for the desperate just the lazy. Granted there are some situations (living 30 minutes from the nearest big city) that can hamper you're chances of gettin into the dating scene and EDating comes in handy.

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