Monday, July 20, 2009

Embarrassed to Be a Foreigner

So last weekend here in South Korea I experienced Mudfest. This event in South Korea brings more foreigners than most and is a lot of fun. And it is exactly what is sounds like...a festival full of MUD! Fun times. Now there is no law in SK about walking around with an open container of alcohol. Koreans love to drink and are quite often outside stumbling around drunk. However, can you imagine around 5,000 openly drunk Americans in a 5-6 block radius of South Korea? SMH it was a mess.

The residents of Daechon Beach in Boryeong probably dread the time of year when all of these damn foreigners come to disturb the peace. I am sure the local businesses love it. But I was just noticing some of the faces of the people who appeared to live there and they looked frightened or disgusted. Americans were beligerently drunk, littering, throwing up, fighting etc. (Koreans were acting crazy too but it was mostly Americans being that we were the majority at this event.) It was literally a circus. One such event that sticks out in my mind is a guy with his testes hanging out of his trunks screaming at the top of his lungs, "YEAH MY BALLS ARE OUT!" On another occasion an older Korean gentleman asked a guy to pull his pants up because he was sagging a little bit and the guy proceeds to pull down his pants and slap his ass in this older gentleman's face and say, "How ya like that?"

Now the event was fun and I did enjoy myself. However, it made me think about how Americans are viewed abroad. How much responsibilty do we have to not act like complete assholes and to respect other people's land and culture?


blkwmnanimator said...

Please tell me that the dude with his balls out was an "other". I think that some people really don't think of themselves as a respresentation of anyone but themselves.

They don't care about representing their family, their country, or anything.

Close Confidante said...

Every once in a while the nads just need a little air.

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