Sunday, July 19, 2009

Buppie Don't: Jon and Kate Plus 8

This show used to irk the F%$K out of me. They had too many dang on Kids, and their lives were beyond chaotic. But KATE's a$$... OOOMG KATE's A$$!.

BITCH WAS CRAZY. She was clearly obsessive compulsive.One thing I noticed since the beginning was she wore the pants in the family. She treated Jon like a Second Class citizen. $5 a day allowance! Dang...

Here is the Buppie Don't:

1. Do Not Stifle a MAN.

Important for us Buppie Women who got alot going on by our dammie! We got the money clothes and the cars. We are successful..(Thanks Drake) But lets not nag and hold our position over a man. We have to learn when to let a Man be a Man.

But MEN, you better not be no punkass like Jon!

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The Tenant said...

Damn, she got a fatty too? I'm so gonna holla

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