Friday, July 24, 2009

I Vote No To the Race Card

I know many of us already have heard the story, read, or watched something about how Henry Louis “Skip” Gates got unfairly thrown in jail for Racial profiling!

Now before we all draw conclusions, on fair or unfair, justice served or not, please read Skip's Account and the Police Report.

Skip "Is this how it feels to be a black Man in America" Account


Officer "Loud and Tumultuous Behavior = Disorderly Conduct" Report

Now please enjoy my VLOG on MY OPINION!!

I just want to make it clear, in case the video was not, that I am NOT saying this incident was SKIP's Fault. I do believe the officer was out of line, and instigated an offense from Skip in response to Skip asking for the badge number. Regardless, it is also my opinion that this was not a race issue.

Aight. Tell what your POV?! Let's Discuss!


Anonymous said...

You know I made a post on this racial business not too long ago. I feel annoyed that people are so quick to judge the situation as a racial on without having all the facts. I vote no to the race card as well. People need to get over it

Journey to my soul said...

Basically The problem is that police feel that they have all the power and have the right to talk to people in any way they want, but when they feel in any way disrespected, it affects their ego and they abuse their power and later claim that they were threatened. I agree with you to a certain extent but I have watched too many episodes of Cops to know that if a white man goes off on a cop, yells, or even curses at him, it doesnt naturally end in him being arrested. Instead if a black man was to do the same, the office displays his "authority" by arresting him for disorderly conduct. I dont believe it started out as a race thing, but I think it ended as one.

Omar said...

IDK... Abuse of power, sure... But I can't help but think that had he been white, it would not have went this far. I've seen Cop videos on those "World's Wildest" type shows... where the white people that get pulled over do all kinds of stuff, curse, rant, rip up the tickets and etc, yet nothing. So even if what was said was true in the police report, I feel it wasn't enough to have it escalate to where it would warrant him being arrested for disorderly conduct.

I feel the officer should have come to do what he was originally there to do, investigate for a break in, once that was established, his job is done. If a officer feels threatened, he will not enter your home, especially without back up.

There is one blaring discrepency in the police report, where on the police call tapes, the neighbor doesn't mention they are black nor does she metion backpacks. Infact she stated one looked hispanic and they had suitcases.

As stated, one can't get arrested for disorderly conduct in their own house, so just to spite him, and so that the officer could get his "authority" nutt off, he lured him outside.

Don't get me wrong, not saying the officer is necessarily a racist, but his actions was racially motivated...

Just realized Journey above basically said all I felt.

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