Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Accidental Slip UP

Being a person of color in Corporate America is super amusing.
You learn so much about different people. I appreciate all types of people more in the workforce more than I did any other period in my life. You build relationships with these folks you see everyday, and you share some of you business with them.

One thing we all got in common in Corporate America is ignorance and people just making career limiting mistakes. Buppie's got moves to make, and shyt to buy so messing with our paper is likely to get you cut. I thought that we all have experience d these type of follks buppie or not..

So today's Corporate Foul is called "Accidental Slip Up"

Have you ever accidentally said N!GGA at the workplace? I don't know about you but how I talk at work vs. how I am at on weekends is totally different. I find my self slippin up on Mondays!

I.E Today, my business partner is telling me about our customer interacting with one of our peers. The peer now wants to entertain my customer. When prior he did not give two shyts about my customer. While she is telling me this story,
I want say "OH no this N!GGA didn't.". Before, I mouth the words, guess what happens. A Yellow flag slaps me in my face!

"FLAG on the Play!!!"

I start have a adrenaline rush. I begin to think about not being able to pay my mortgage..no more expensive hair weaves...my Car getting repossessed. Bye to Harris Teeter ,,Hello WIC Van. My final thought is resulting to shaking my ass for Flavor Flav in order to make a living! I break out in a sweat, swallow hard and Come back to my freeeeeeeakin senses.

I need my job. I don't mine working for "the man". My check arrives 3aM every other Friday in my account, and beyond that I truly enjoy my job. Nonetheless I do find myself having to catch myself. I mean to be sitting in a team meeting full of 8-10 white folks, 7 which are White MALEs and slip up and say "Yea N!GGA, my client said that as well." or "N!GGA lets go get a sandwich" is just some shyt we cant get away with. But how many times do we slip up?? or think to say some inappropriate shyt?

NOW check this:

So, today my boss a white female, my business partner a white female, and a WHITE MALE begin a casual convo about American Idol. This dude just starts dropping F-bombs and calling some of the contestants gay. I mean he says casually, He's a fag, He's a gay, did you see his hair. He is gay


I mean you could see the uncomfortable looks in peoples faces, but he is going to walk away job intact and unchecked. This bamma been with the company like 10 yrs, I have 1.5 yrs? So don't even ask why I ain't check him. I hope my boss pulled his ass to the side. Beyond that, now I don't even feel comfortable working with him anymore! In the back of my mind, every time I see an email from him, I think HOMOphob!

Don't let the yellow flag hit you! Freakin watch what you say...

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