Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DC Nites...

Where are some of the best places to find fellow buppies in the D.C. area? Friday happy hour (not late night) at Ozio's is a common answer, but you have to be in the mood to come home with your hair smelling like smoke. I've heard about Posh on Saturday's, gone to events being held by the local NBMBAA, but I feel that there is a lot I'm missing. Various lounges can be so hit or miss, I need something reliable. Where to go Friday and/or Saturday night?

Yes DC. A city of 4 corners! I do enjoy Chocolate City so many buppies! Venturing the city for Buppie crowds is not hard, however it does lack consistency. So what I do instead of following the venue, I follow the promoter.
When you go to Ozio's who is the promoter? Many promoters do not have consistent nights each week. They have events throughout the city. My personal rule of thumb is not to visit the same place often or back to back. Following a promoter lets you know what crowd they attract, and exposes you to different places in DC.
Also summer is ahead which means happy hours in the city! If you find yourself here in the middle of the week, make sure you ask someone, what they hear about the weekend to widen you weekend knowledge. Plus these happy hours are almost always hyping some place for the weekend.

I wish I could tell you more consistent places, but really that is not the city. You have to diversify! Or you be stuck seeing the same tired folks at LOVE and H2O.

I will leave you with a list of some good starts:
  • Thursdays Happy Hr @ 1223,
  • Wednesday (during the summer ) R&R Lounge
  • Fridays Try U street= LIV, Bohemian Caverns for Jazz, MoMos
  • Fridays Happy Hr @ NE where Adams Morgan to follow try Felix Lounge
  • Saturdays Cafe Asia or Pasha Lounge
And do not forget about the good 'ole Washington Post City Guide!

Let us know how it turns out! Hopefully my creditability is not shot!


the Truth said...

Thanks for taking my question! And good point on the City Guide- I'm often check out the Post's weekly online chat on where to go in the city. I'll let you know what I find :-)

The District's Buppie said...

Let me also plug my fellow blogger


They always represent buppie events in the city!

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