Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Woman's Kryptonite

This week I bought this new hair product! That is the jump off! Then 2 days later I lost it! Blower I know. Finally found the one thing to lay those edges dowwwwwwwwwn!
I had to return to .... Dah Dun Dah:

THE Beauty Supply Store!!!

No not that Sally's Chain joint. The in the hood, ran by Asians joint. I once visited one, the size of a grocery store! I lie to you not readers. Picture Giant. YES Clear the aisles and make it alll weave!! It exists! (I have pictures!) *SIGH*, the Beauty Supply is truly the Black woman's kryptonite!! I walked in focused on getting a replacement. Then I walked down ever aisle. Look at the new products. Kind of a kid in a candy store!
OOO I want that! OOO I want this. Do not need a damn thing, Got a two day old weave in my head. Fresh to death! Nonetheless, these stores have every hair weave type from wet n wavy, to silky, to human hair, to quick weave, shampoos, conditioners, body cremes, sections for men, pins, HATS, colored contacts, nail polish.. OMG the list does not end!

Women won't admit this but Beauty Salons aisles, walking them,... they give us minor mind orgasms. A happiness washes over. I am at peace. Similar to when men watch sports.

Elitism and Class still exist. These stores tell you so much about the women in the store.

If she gets that Kanekelon Weave that rubs together to start fires, she is not a buppie.
If she gets that black gel that flakes, she is not a buppie.
If she gets those color contacts, the look alike plastic Louie V Coin holder, she buys that CC earrings, she is not a buppie.

However, if she gets the behind the counter stuff, them Asians don't put out, she is a buppie.

Observations folks. Class and Elitism exists in all realms of buppie-dom....even at the beauty supply.


goldiilocs said...

are you talking about the one on rhode island avenue?

The District's Buppie said...

Yes that is the one I frequent. It is not the one I was referring to as Big a WAL-Mart, That was in Durham North Carolina!

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