Monday, March 3, 2008

Argh Nike Boots!!!

Friday night was a pretty interesting night. Myself and 3 other buppie women were trying to go out. Usually me and my homegirls are strait DC girls. We enjoy the city and the buppie crowds that it attracts. We do not do big Clubs i.e Love or a H2O often.We'll I tend to not want to because the crowd is just not my scene and Lines suck! Plus I am not in the mood to be putting on my prom dress to make the dress code at some of these clubs. So we stay at special buppie events here and there in the city.. and we like to be versatile. I enjoy seeing many new spots throughout the city. So this night was no different. Wanted to go somewhere new.

One of the places we heard it was popping was the good old Ward 9 bka PG County. Now all of us grew up in the county, but for someone reason we are hate partying there! For one it seems like always a freaking high school reunion! The men wear these local designers hoodies and sneakers, and worst of all Nike Boots. Now this style may have been cool if I was in high school, but I am not. I wasn't thinking it was going to be that bad, but were were also venturing to a part of town were 3 people were shot 3 weeks ago. (WARD 9) However, this night I was curious to see what this new bar had to offer.

So, as heterosexual buppie women we enjoy they shop at Express for Men or can put on a sweater nice shoes, slacks, ties, blazers (in season please). At the same time, we don't want any homo thugs!

Of course we saw the nike boots but not in plentiful amounts as I expected. Nonetheless, the crowd was not to our taste.

What amazes me is this attitude we have. Bourgeoisie. Sometimes I find myself judging books by its cover, and I try to stop myself because we should not do that! but its hard. I tend to like pretty covers, well put together things. I watch how I come over and what I say and do, because I do not want to be seen as less than the buppie I am...

Fast Forward

Day two of the weekend my homegirl and I hit another DC spot. She never went there before, and although each time i go I have fun I knew the crowd was going to me more....PG County... and it was.
Previous to entering we were discussing our lifestyles in the people who have come and gone.. a key quote she said was "A girl with no college education who works at burger king, would not be hanging with us"

We percede to enter the Ward 9 club, men with nike boots, lil wayne look alikes, etc. etc.

Back to Burger King

Dayumn. Kinda of Harsh right? No Nike boots... no burger king workers?? But its real. This is how we think!

If you are not well together packaged, then eff you!.. This attitude that some bups have is craaazy!

I still think about this and some will say 20 somethings are ruthless but we really are! I find myself being cut throat to the people that are around me, the places I am seen at, and the type of men I am attracted to... with all these restrictions or standards... am I living life?

Sometimes I feel I am missing alot because my true circle of friends and network seems to have dwindled.

What am I missing because I can't do Nike Boots and Burgerkings?


Up&Coming Buppie said...

LMAO!!!! This is quite a funny post. However, even though I am a bup and had a very good upbringing with a single mom and a very active father, I was still raised in the HOOD. I definitely do the occasional visit to the hood bar, parties, etc. I love the music and the atmosphere is familiar so it is not uncomfortable to me. However, if you know these places you know not many positive things happen in them. Granted I have outgrown the more "hood" spots quite a bit and can not do these types of places regularly my inner hood chick may rear its head in an environment such as the ones described in this post. The only thing I can't do with these type of places or any place for that matter are young kids in the club or people acting YOUNG!

I don't think you are missing out on anything not wanting to frequent these types of places. They are definitely an acquired taste. However, don't sleep on them cuz on a night you are already drunk they are CRACKIN! And don't judge that book by its cover for those who do frequent those places because you never know! That may just be their "weekend identity". LOL

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Oh yeah and let me not fake the funk.....I NEVER date anyone out of a "hood spot" so as far as not wanting to pick up a fella in there I can not say anything. I'm guilty of being biased in that way as well.

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