Sunday, March 9, 2008

Like A Virgin Responds

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I'm back. Your comments were harsh but its all good. A real man would wait but how many "real" men are left? The hoes made it easy for men to get plain old sex. Men and women view the act very differently, women are far more emotionally attached. Men NEED sex but they WANT more. (i.e. love, attentiveness, care, beauty, intelligence, etc.) These things the hoes can't offer. Men cheat. My first boyfiend cheated on me. A married coworker came on to me. My parents divorced after decades of marriage. We have to face it that the chances of our men cheating on us is very likely...the real question is the magnitude of his cheating ways. Wouldn't you rather know or walk around with your head in the clouds? Half of black men are locked-up, dead, or gay- its hard to face but we may have to overlook something about our man or be alone for the rest of our lives. A good male friend took pity because he too knows the real deal. It's tough because I don't WANT to settle (nobody d! oes) but if it has to come to that and my man is taking GOOD care of me in all other be it! I just pray it doesn't come to have to that...

Like a Virgin


Anonymous said...

Wow. Eye-opening! In all honestly, the realest shit I ever read! Def easier said than done. I'd like to see how you'd react if you were actually put in that situation (God Forbid).

FocusedFemaleGem said...
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focusedfemalegem said...

....i obviously wasn't harsh enough.

"we may have to overlook something about our man" That's the dumbest thing i've heard all week.

I love me some buns just like the fellas, but they should have some self control just like some us females.

I am deserving of a great man who is loyal to me as I am to him. And THAT IS IT!

I know I am worthy of atleast that, you can be a loser and share your man.

The District's Buppie said...


But here is my thing..this is just someone LAV is dating? Should she really expect him not to fuck around?

focusedfemalegem said...

It depends on the person's definition of dating. She said boyfriend. I assume with that title comes exclusivity. If it's just going out and dating, I do not expect much loyalty.

Like a Virgin, please define the type of relationship you are in.

Also, if whatever she's in brings out that type of response then she needs to decide to be in a committed relationship. Otherwise, you're just in an open relationship and shouldn't be complaining because that's what you asked for.

Like A Virgin said...

FFG-- I wish you all the best in finding Mr. Right. For you-- it will be like finding a needle in the haystack. Your expectations are as high as Amy Winehouse!!! I am NOT in a relationship with the guy I speak of. We are currently dating. All I am saying is that I would not be surprised if he or any other man cheated on me and I would rather know than really sound like the perfect candidate to be cheated on...who's the more naive honey?

FocusedFemaleGem said...

If you are dating, then he would not be cheating on you. But I got confused because it sounded like you two were exclusive.

Thanks for your opinion on my expectations.

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