Saturday, March 15, 2008

Destined to be poor ?


Have you seen the doc "Born Rich"?

I came across this video as I recently saw the HBO Doc the One Percent. This is the filmakers 1st film.

The film had me in awe and a bit pissed off as well. We have got to invest in our communities. Its the only way to build our wealth as a community.


FocusedFemaleGem said...

The Jewish folks do it very well. They are organized and are taught to support their own from a young age. Very very mobile....
When my father was in the black panther movement, he said that churches were used to organize and inform the people. Now most are used to manipulate and take people's money.

We have to be organized. We compete and battle too much with each other.

Wole said...

Wow.. after watching that I'm kinda glad I'll be a self-made millionaire as oppose to money being inherited. Some of those kids had serious issues. But then again, what was said towards the end of the doc is so true. The value in any treasure is the effort it takes to achieve it. Gonna copyright that one..

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