Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Concerns of a Caring Friend

Dear Buppie,
My best friend recently broke up with her boyfriend. They have a baby together, and she moved to a shelter. Since the Break up she continues to have sex with him, but refuses to get back with him because she doesn't trust him. She asked me what should she do. Move in with him, or stay in the shelter until she owns place? If she stays in the shelter should she still have sex with him?
-Caring Friend

The District's Buppie POV:
Aww that darn POWER of D.I.C.K!!! Get us everytime. To me is makes no sense for your friend to being staying at a shelter and creeping out to get pipe from this dude. She has a child with him, so wheather she is comfortable or not, she is always going to maintain a relationship. Now if she feels like staying with him would cloud her judgement, then i understand the shelter thing. At the same time to me it makes sense to stay with him while your working for your own. OR cut him the hell off. Help your friend realize the reality of the situation.

Up&Coming Buppie's POV:
Fa real, fa real why the hell are you letting me and your baby stay in some damn shelter?? That's the first question I would pose if I were your friend. First and foremost I believe that regardless of the situation if she has no family or friends to go to until she gets on her feet she should still stay with him. I mean she is f*ckin the father of her child still but she can't stay with him??? She feels the need to stay in a shelter instead??? To me this is a no brainer. If your friend is so insecure with this man that she feels the needs to stay in a SHELTER clearly she should not still be engaging in sexual activity with him. I mean for all that you mine as well get yours and then go sleep on the couch! Rather than leave and go sleep in somebody's damn shelter!

Okay for a rational answer, I think your friend should stop and ask herself some questions.

A) What is best for her child?

B) If I do not trust this man why am I still engaging in sexual activity with him? Especially because the relationship is no longer just about him and I.

C) Why don't I trust this man?

I think that once she explores the answers to these questions she may be able to come to a more sensible answer within herself as to if her relationship is worth salvaging or if she needs to transform it so it will be a functional one for their child even though they are no longer together.

Miss Buppie Buppie's POV:
WTF? I don't understand this mess at all! Is he giving her the beat down every night or something? Otherwise I don't get WHY on earth she can't LIVE with him but she will still OPEN her legs to him. You need to tell you're friend to WAKE DA HELL UP! I'm guessing that her "no trusting him" is because he cheats? However, first things first, she has a child, and she needs to focus on what is BEST for that child, a healthy living environment. I'm not personally familiar with living in a Shelter, however I can only guess that its not the the best living environment. If the guy is not being abusive to her or her child, she might want to consider moving back in until she gets on her feet or perhaps, staying with a friend or family member. Moving back in the the child's father might mean putting her personal feelings aside, and concentrating solely on what's best for her baby. If her priorities are in order, this should not be a problem. If it is a problem, then she needs Jesus! Because NOTHING should come before you're child. Especially not D*CK! smh!


Anonymous said...

Ok is this a blog to show how stupid black women are? If so with the last few post you girls are doing an outstanding job! Does Buppie stand for "clueless black women with attitudes"? You girls might have booksmarts (that's even questionable at this point) but you dont have a lick of real world common sense.

The District's Buppie said...

Thanks for keeping it real! Don't agree, why not express your thoughts on it?

Anonymous said...

lol dang anonymous you stole the words outta my mouth..lotta these urban females think they on some high and mighty ish, just because they in college....that doesnt mean ish ... assimilated ass folk ....

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