Thursday, June 5, 2008

Limewire Is My Friend

So this morning on the Donnie Simpson show Usher was complaining about how he has the 2nd highest album release sales this year for his new album "Here I Stand." (Mariah's E=MC2 was the number one album release for this year so far.) But he was not complaining about Mariah beating him by around 30,000 records. Naw! He was complaining about the fact that an additional 50,000 copies of his album were downloaded instead of bought. (Mariah is said to have lost close to 70,000 record sales due to downloading.) Okay so even losing 50,000 record sales you still manage to drop the number 2 album this year?! Despite the fact that more people downloaded than bought you still doing aiight! You are stinking filthy rich! I downloaded E=MC2 (Thank GOD!) and I am probably going to download your album too Usher! I'm not paying for Love in this Club! It's my jam but I aint purchasing it!

Now do not get me wrong I do not download ALL my music, just most of it. There are a couple of scenarios in which I do not illegally download

1) I am a TRUE fan of the person's music!
2) I am not a true fan but then I listen to the album and think this is extraordinary. I am going to buy this album because it is just that GOOD!
3) My friend buys the album so I just import it into my iTunes. Hell, He bought it! Why can't we share???
4)Someone gets me an iTunes gift card. People who really know me know that this is a great gift idea for me!
So occasionally I will buy albums off of iTunes because an iPod is the only way I listen to music. Whether it be through a sound dock, the aux in my car, or through the earbuds. So duh if I just wanna check and see how an album is and try it out to see if it grows on me I am going straight to my pal Limewire to do so. And in most instances that is all I need. No need to spend any money because the album is just okay.

Here are some of my LEGIT purchases in the last couple of months:

Love Behind The Melody- Raheem Devaughn (Great grown folks music)
Trey Day- Trey Songz (Not the best album but it is sexy and I like it!)
The Best of Marvin Gaye- Marvin Gaye (Need I say more???)
American Gangster- Jay-Z (Grown folks rap not this lil kid popcorn BS!)
Thirsty- Marvin Sapp (Great gospel album! Bought it twice once for me and my mom. Spiritually enriching!)

So all I am sayin is for real Usher??? Get over it! I am sure you aint about to file for bankruptcy or anything. Maybe your pride is a little hurt but just imagine how you would feel if no one was pressed to even download your album! That can hurt an artist's self-esteem these days! Like you have no illegal downloads?! Your music must SUCK!


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

now i don't feel bad for downloading his

AccompliFemme said...

I dont have it yet! I dont even think is worth downloading! So next!

Ananda said...

i am feeling the best of marvin gaye.

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