Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Buppie Does not Have Ads...Yet

Dear Readers,
We would like to take this time to thank you all for the comments, the questions, the subscriptions, the additions to blogrolls, the passing the message about our blog, everything. We are growing and please know we thank each of you all for sticking with us.

Buppie. It is not just a blog. It is truly a movement. An Expression and Exchange of thoughts.I started this blog about seven months ago. Started off as something personal. Grew to include other contributors, and we still are growing.

Lately, the blog has been picking up. (THANKS TO YOU ALL)!
We really appreciate it! If you are local to DC, than perhaps you have seen our blog quoted in the Blogsphere of the "Washington Express" !! Thanks Washington Post and Express writers for featuring us.

And as we have been picking up, so have the comments and messages about us adding ADs and making money.

So our response is NO. Not yet.
The contributors and designers have so much more we want to bring you. We want to make sure we are giving our readers 120% of Sheer Buppieness before we add ADS and allow folks to make money off you all's clicks and page views.

So in the future yes you may see ADS, but as of right now we are staying ad free!


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