Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh I Think She LOVES Me

Dear Buppie,
At what point does a woman take upon herself to decide that she is your girl????
I specifically stepped out of jerk mode to stop a female in her tracks because I caught word that she was going around telling people I was her man.
We spoke on the phone, hung out, spent nights together...but we did not have sex.
We met in February, and I found out in April that we were together!
Not really.
I live in New York, and she lives wayyyy down south, and to the west (I will not name the state for fear she reads despite my anonymity.)
Oh yea by the way...
I purposely withheld Rich Jr from her because I did not want her going crazy to play the "you hit it, now you are my man" card.
But she did it anyway.
But i did give her what she called "the most passionate and greatest kiss she had ever gotten in her life..."
She admitted that to me, and she also told me that she loved me, about 3 weeks after learning my name.

- The Most Passionate and Greatest Kisser

The District's Buppie Response:
Let me tell you that some women, and I find myself doing this as well, Fall in Like/Love with the IDEA of a guy. The Idea he has a job, the idea of he loves his family, the idea of him being into church. I think your homegirl, is into the IDEA of you. Thus she created the IDEA of you and her!
Let me break it down, You and her were doing IDEALISTIC Boyfriend and GirlFriend things. Sure you were holding the pipe from her, but pipe does not determine a relationships. Lawd knows how many of us prefer PIPE without the relationship type things.
So what do you do! Exactly what you did you clarify things. Tell her be easy. Sure it will hurt her, but might as well now then later...

Up&Coming Buppie's Response:
You just gotta keep it real with females sometimes... LIKE ALL THE WAY REAL! Like look I like you and I can see us possibly growing into more HOWEVER, I want to take things slow and see where this goes before we stamp a label on it. Why are people so quick to label and define a relationship? Chill.

If she is disillusioned about you all having a relationship just clarify. Then evaluate if you want to proceed or not based upon her actions and reactions to what you say to her. She also sounds like she may be slightly inexperienced. I mean I guess you can fall in love in 3 weeks but do you really know enough about a person in that amount of time to do so. Also the fact that she has decided yall are official without including you in on it speaks to her inexperience.

Ms. Buppie Buppie's Response:
If we didn't have sex u ain't my man. Now once I give u the draws ..YOU my man, OKay! ::two snaps and a head roll:: LOL! The way my paranoid mind works, my guess would be that you're dealing with someone else and you're not ready to be committed to me. Therefore, you're not my man and homegirl is TRIPPIN! Man imagine if you lay the pipe? She might start sending out wedding invitations! LOL!

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