Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Could it Be the End??? Or perhaps Just the Beginning

Awww don't they look cute together??

There has been speculation all day but I have not seen the numbers that prove that Obama has clenched the nomination! He is going to announce it anyway and probably is right now as I blog.

Now I am going to keep it real, but I am VERY concerned if he can honestly win against McCain. Why? Because he is black. Because he lacks white support. White people vote, after all it is their country.

I am also concerned for My homegirl HC! She went through it. You went from a sure thing, to yesterday news.
You got desperate too. And Yes someone even called you out:

I do not think HC has officially conceded, but if she had not, boy would you have put your party in a messed up situation. Still your party is a bit weaken by this nomination race.

So what can the democrats do, to secure the White house??
You see Obama has the electoral votes and super delegates, but HC has the people.(White hard workers according to her.)
So what is the Democratic party going to do??

Tell them MOFOs to run together!!! I say this because, the two of them together is a sure thing to knock these republicans out. We have already seen how Bush has ruined my life, no need for McCain!!! We need a democrat in the White House Bups. Otherwise my Buppie status will soon be revoked due to this failing dollar. We will then transform the blog to Expressions of a Broke B!tch! If Obama chooses some no name democrat, he is not going to win. Yes I said it. He needs HC.

There has been much speculation as who will clench the VP spot. It is not a bad spot to be HC. I heard you would be open. I mean after all, What if he gets assassinated?? (Her words not mine...)


Wtf said...

I concur, I think the media runs these elections, Alot of statements from both camps were misconstrued. I also believe slot of people are idiots for not focusing on the important issues that plague our country, but only the petty he said she said. Its disgusting. Why can't we objectively look at a candidate for their platform, why do we perpetuate racial discrimination, it goes both ways.

I'm very happy this sick media battle has ended for the next to begin. I think Hillary will make a fine vice pres. And it is something that should be thought about.

Lets go on to win the big election, let's hear the words of both presidential candidates and evaluate them with high levels of scrutiny, I think our own biases end up funking us over.

Let us progress.

Ananda said...

yeah i think the media runs these elections too. let's get obama in.

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