Tuesday, December 16, 2008


IF I threw it, I would not have missed...!

Obviously we all have seen this news report.

In Iraq, throwing shoes at someone is a sign of disrespect. Seems similar to the the middle finger in the US. thus the reporter was more so disrespecting Bush, than trying to physically harm him. (Even though both would have been great!)

Makes sense though. Shoes are some of the dirtiest things ever. And so is GW.

Anyway, this speaks to my Boy Obama's points. We have lost our place in the world. I mean this reporter threw a shoe at the US President? and you know what? 90% of Americans don't even give a fuck , and you know what 90% of the other countries secretly wish some from their country was brave enough to do it!

Just for another country to have the audacity to do this, shows the US aint even as hard as it used to be. Its analogous saying,"W e aint shyt."

Now, let that had been OBAMA. Man, me and my whole Neighborhood would have Flew to IRAQ and gave dude a good ole West Coast 10 Crpyts vs 1 Blood Beating!


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