Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Perpsective on a Woman's Right to Choose

KIDS! This is a serious, serious decision and investment. Women are made to bear this endeavor. Just like a jail sentence nine months to life.

While, I take my precautions when it comes to KIDS,(I pop my NuvaRing, like Cindy McCain pops pills! FAITHFULLY), I do realize that things happen, people are in different situations, etc etc.

All in All, I thoroughly believe in a woman's right to choose. I believe that such a decision is not something the Gov't should decide for us. It is not their role. Many conservatives would play the, you are killing someone arguement thus it is the Gov't role to protect life. This ultimately leads me to this,

When is a fetus determined to be a child? When are you taking a life?

My response is let's not make abortion a government, state or federal duty. It is none of their business! They should not interject themselves into my crouch. If a man chooses to bust hot ones in you, so what! Is this not America?? When did we lose rights?

In fact, if we are going to give the government a right our Vaginas, the least the conservatives in government can do is be consistent !?!

So when is a child a child?

I get pregnant today. My baby is not due until June. When am I able to claim a child as deduction on my taxes? When does the child become a citizen, an actual card carrying member of society?

No one exists to the government until they have Social Security card! Ask Elian Gonzalez!
When does a child get one? When the child is born! You see my logic here. This argument is not about when one considers a baby to be person. Because that thought process differs from person to person. Hence why abortion should be a personal decision!

To me it is funny how some feel the GOVERMENT should regulate this, when the GOVERNMENT in all other realms does not recongize a person as a person until that have 9 digits?

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