Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Get My Business Card, N!GG3R!

About a week ago, a tragic incident occurred at work. A man was having a epileptic attack.

As I was walking toward my desk, someone ran up to me and frantically ask, "Do you know CPR?"

Quickly I responded "Yes, and little bit." I had to rehearse the steps in my head because CPR class was like 9th grade.

After running the halls to find the dude, I walk into a room to find this dude laid out on the floor surrounded by 3 co-workers, one of which was the VP of my segment. Everyone is huddled up on him.

I keep him calm, as he was not unconscious but he was clearly out of it. Another woman who was clearly more familiar of what to do in these situations, quickly talked to his wife, got his medications, etc. My role than became to console him, ensure he was breathing, and watch his pulse.

So EMS finally comes. All us extras move out the room, and watch EMS do their thing.

There is a crowd outside. We are all standing watching. I am for sure the only Black person within a mile. Looking like a tootise roll in a bag of flour! My VP leans over to me and says, "Can you do me a favor, Can you go to my desk and get me my business card. I want to give it to his Wife."

Of course I say, yes. In transit though, i really wonder why me? Out of all the folks standing around. He chose me to go run back and get his business card? Not the dude closer to him, who he was carrying a convo with. He breaks his convo, to say "HEY go fetch my cards, pick a pale of cotton while you at it!"

Am I tripping? I, the lone black girl who raaaaaan to the rescue of this unconscious white male, and now I have to go fetch some MOTHEREFFIN business cards????

So I bring them to him. He says thank you and does his VP thing. I just know he would at least thank me, and ask my name right? NOPE. EMS packs homeboy up. Praise the lord he is ok. Everyone disperses to their normal routine.

CORPORATE FOUL? ? I think so!


FiGZ said...

dam! a perfect example of why people should get certified in CPR. i get it done because it's required for all coaches at my old high school (note: i coach a HS wrestling team). at first i was thinking the way you look at this is however your mind works. but then when he didn't even say thank you or even ask your name...it was dead wrong. but it's a lose/lose situation. if you would've refused or "respectfully declined" of course he would've remembered your face as "the person" who refused to get my card...smh

The Tenant said...

after he ignored you, you shoulda said "your welcome massa, toby be my name" then shucked and jived back to your desk

DeeDeeLynn said...

LOL @ The Tenant...you trying to get her fired?!?!

Yes he should have thanked you and asked your name...but don't sweat it Corporate America is full of a$$holes!

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