Thursday, December 25, 2008

FICO Broke During The Holidays

I am realizing that I am not a a festive person! I credit that to the way I was raised. Holidays were such a pain. I hated putting up trees. I hated going Christmas shopping. The only part I truly enjoy is the family getting together! What fun it is to be with your siblings, cousins, family friends just laughing and appreciating each other! The more I mature the more I count on these moments and less on receiving gifts.

Gifts are so minuscule. One thing that truly pains me is receiving useless and all around bad gifts. My mother is infamous for this. So I avoid doing what blows me. I give gift cards. The thought that I did not want to give you something useless, counts!

BUT this year. argh. BROKE. not even really broke but its a...I rather pay my bills than spend money on you broke. I guess that is FICO BROKE??? You all know what I mean. You look at your rent, you insurance for the new year, etc. and rationalize that this year your going to play the broke card, cus you just rather spend the money on yourself*!(FICO WORTHY)

*This excludes, accruing more debt. That is not FICO BROKE. That is Foreclosure BROKE. Not Cute Bups!

Anyway, the underlying point is in this day and age we really have to appreciate what we have. (I happen to have bills! LOL JK)

Whatever you celebrate, do not let the material things rule you! Enjoy the Holidays with the people you love Bups, and Be Safe!

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