Monday, December 15, 2008

The Takeover (And the BS that comes with it)

So I work for a company that has been bought out by the competition. We were informed about it a few months ago so everyone in the office has been in a bit of a panic especially due to the current economic state of our nation and the job market. Me being a smart young woman I pretty much know what this could possibly mean, we may all be out of jobs very soon. This was confirmed when my boss told her team to update our resumes and to start looking. I have already planned my next move so I am not worried about it. However, as I stated earlier people are kind of panic stricken around the office.

But there are certain things about this particular situation that really burn my cookies. First off I am so sick of the big bosses trying to psych everyone out like we may not lose our jobs just so people will continue to work. Now granted I know this acquisition will take time and business must go on but there is a certain level of bs that I think just needs to be cut PERIOD! Like please be real with us. We know the track record of the company that bought us and we are not the first competitor they have acquired. And their track record shows that they don't keep people in the acquired companies. Granted we are their biggest acquisition I just think that people are being psyched into not having a plan b. I stopped going to the weekly meetings to update us about this matter because A) I can hear it from my desk and still work and B) They just feed us a bunch of crap. Luckily I have a boss that keeps it all the way real and tells us like it is.

As you can probably guess people are dropping like flies. Like everyday there is a company wide email sent out stating that someone is leaving the company. And at the end of every email there is a note that reads:
"Blank's departure has nothing to do with the current pending acquisition."

WHY YOU LYING?! It has everything to do with it. Five people quit this week and seven last week and you are going to tell me that none of these cases have shit to do with this acquisition?! Then yall need to to work on your retention cuz yall SUUUUCK! Liars!

I have also noticed how many people just don't give a damn anymore at work and it is quite amusing. People are loud as hell on the phone setting up interviews. People are watching youtube instead of doing their work. The smokers are taking longer and more frequent smoke breaks. People are taking 2 hour lunches, having longer personal calls, and just slacking all around. No one takes anything serious anymore and the big bosses are PISSED but they can't afford to fire anyone because they want to keep business going and too many people are leaving.

Ooooh Corporate America

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Rich Blackman said...

Awww bup... hey I been in your shoes before, if you need advice find my email address. I used to work for Bear Stearns and ummm I have experienced everything from a formal meeting saying "everything is alright," to the next day "sorry we are going to be terminating everyone."
I have seen people go from excited about the company to being on hi5 all day. THATS RIGHT HI5! THATS HOW BORED WE WERE - - WHO GOES ON HI5. Also, I took plenty of GYM BREAKS, SHOPPING BREAKS, and DRINKING BREAKS! We would be gone for 2 hours at a time, 3 hours at a time, sh*t sometimes we didnt even go back to the desk!
Best I can advise you is this:
1- start interviewing from NOW (i waited too long and I am now between jobs)
4- Re-evaluate where you really wanna be...if you are working at just a "job," then look for something that you REALLY wanna do. This is the time to reach for the stars, a little faith, hard work, and SAVED MONEY will help you get to where you wanna be.

I am now over my preaching minutes... have a great holiday all!



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