Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I do not trust these low GAS prices. How could GAS be $1.79 when just 4 months ago it was 4.79??? mmph. Sure Sure Gas companies. I know the reason why you are low balling now is because it is "Tis the SEASON". Probably every industry was calling each GAS CEO like, LET me get a little bit of that consumer ish. Stop being selfish!

Am I the only one who suspects that, After NEW YEARS, these companies are going back in for the kill?

Real talk, even though gas has decreased, the recession aint been getting no easier. People are still losing jobs, and folks still cannot afford to pay for their homes!

So after the season, and they raise prices back to $5.00, who will be their audience? Way less folks! I know for me, I plan only to be leaving my house to drive twice a week. Given that my company is HIP to the AGE. Telecommuting is very much in! Living in the city also has it benefits and I am really bout to get hip with the BUS!

We have got to fight back! We control the prices, not them!


The Tenant said...

we do control the prices...anyone with economic knowledge knows that. The gas rises and falls during the same period every year and it's based on usage. It was pretty evident once people stopped driving the prices dipped to a new low...just stop driving and it won't go up as high.

FiGZ said...

i feel u. MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) is about to increase all fares here in the city. i'm gonna start riding my bike to work and save the $100/month that would be required to purchase a monthly pass. u gotta save where ever u can, and i'm gonna put my young, energetic legs to use. in nyc having a car is a luxury, and using transportation is a convenience that can be preserved.

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