Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day

So it is December 1st. Time for me to recruit one of my friends that has never had an AIDS test to get one. Well I do this all year around actually. It is truly shocking to me how many people I know that are sexually active but have never gotten an AIDS test. Like I know women who go annually to get a pap smear and men who make sure they don't have any other STD's but have never gotten an AIDS test. The latest thing I heard from a friend is, "Man c'mon I don't have AIDS. I don't have careless sex." So I asked him well do you get checked for other things and he answers, "Of course!" So I really got the wtf face on at this point like well uhhhh that doesnt make any sense. Needless to say I am draggin his ass to get an AIDS test TODAY! I told him I'd get one too.
I know it makes everyone nervous to do this but it is apart of maintaining your health. Especially if you are sexually active. Do a good deed for World Aids Day. Take a friend to get an HIV test. And if you have never had one go get one yourself.
For you DC Bups here are some links where you can get one done today:

Here are some other ways you can help on WAD:

Be safe everyone!

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FiGZ said...

I'm happy that someone outside of myself put this up. I work in this field and you beat me to the post. My boss went across the country in support of World AIDS Day and someone actually said to him, "World AIDS Day!? Is this something new?" I was at a loss for words. I've heard too many stories of people with HIV/AIDS infecting people left and right. You really have to be careful. I'm required to be checked every year, but I always get checked every six months. I get it done for free any way, so I just do it more often. People should get tested, and yes, bring a friend who hasn't. Good post for information purposes ;)

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