Friday, May 1, 2009

Mislead Socialite ...

You are in line waiting in the cold, to get inside the club. You have been waiting a hour. You cannot feel your toes, and you cannot afford to pay that $50 to get in the VIP line. Up comes the a group of pretty girls. Laughing , giggling. They walk straight to the front. They know an inside man, they walk right in.You see this group of girls everywhere too. They also get the A-List treatment. What are they doing that you are not?Is is so easy to say they are letting folks BEAT, BEAT, BEAT. Yep thats some of it. However

First and foremost. Let it be known. There are differences between a buppie and a socialite.

Where as buppie has socialite characteristics, a socialite is not automatically a Buppie. Socialite's have their ranges as well. They could be master networkers or just attention whores.

In particular I would like to discuss the MISLEAD SOCIALITE. You may know one. The person who truly enjoys the splendors of the night and social scene. Makes it their entire life to be the front of the line crew. Cannot help but tell you how they never pay to get in, Know every night spot inside out, and name drops promoters, and bouncers like you all are playing JEOPARDY.

What upsets me most, is that this is their life. This is what they use to distinguish themselves. They like the appearance of being elite but are truly not doing anything to truly be better. MISLEAD on the entire purpose.

The same chick or DUDE looking extremely fresh in the on the night scene, skipping line, Drinking other folks liquor....etc Is the same person who stop going to school to pour their life in just being a nightlife socialite. Not using it as leverage, just want to be seen and cool. This is their gratification.

While I understand how fun it can be to be Socialite, and know alot of folks, how fulfilling is it when it does not do anything for your progression in life? Like for real, poppin bottles lasts for 2.5 hours. For 2.5 hours you are the man. Then what? You go home, and realize that 1 G you just spent should have been spent on your damn rent!!


Dr. J said...

Dr. J must be clear, a socialite has to have a lot of money. There's a blog on Black socialites out there somewhere, and if it's anything I learned from that site is that you have to have money to be everywhere that everyone wants to be and that's a socialite. These mislead socialites that you speak of are just, um, breezy's, chickens, bucketheads, [insert name here], etc.

But I appreciate you delineating the difference between the buppies and them other women.

The District's Buppie said...

Really? I was referring to men and women. I have seen them both, and they must be some fake socialites because they really dont have money. At least what I qualify as having "REAL" MONEY

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