Thursday, May 21, 2009

YO!!!!! Is it that serious?!

The other day me and MNG were on our way to dinner. I have noticed when the two of us are walking around in South Korea HE gets A LOT of attention. Everywhere we go Koreans are like "Hello! My name is..." or say something else in Konglish to get him to talk to them. I mean people stare at me and occasionally say hi and strike up conversation but I am nowhere near his popularity status. Maybe it is because he is a big black dude and that is just more interesting to Koreans. Who knows? Anyway back to the story at hand. We are walking down the street and a group of Korean teenagers approach us and say to MNG, "YO YO YO!"

I already knew the reaction that was coming because we had discussed this. He HATES when Koreans say "YO" to him! He doesn't like the fact that they think this is an appropriate way to address a black man that they meet. He has told me how he has corrected his students about it as well and now they know better than to say that to him. However, I have reminded him that we are in a foreign country and this just may be the perception that they have. Best Bup says he needs to get over it and realize that Koreans that do this do not know any better. But MNG asks if he said "ching chang chong chow" to a Korean wouldn't they be mad?

This made me think about all the wild stuff Koreans say and how when I get home I will be a lot more tolerant to ignorance. I also wonder if I should really be offended by some of the HOTNESS that Korea has hit me with thus far.

Wild sh*t Koreans say. Should we be offended?:

Ju Ju Boooooong!- So when Best Bup and another friend of ours were at dinner the waitress says to them "JU JU BOOOOONG!" They had no idea what she was saying but they were on a mission to find out. Later in the week they discovered that this means, "Big Tittieeeees!" Needless to say I was LMAO!

Nice face but you no good you have no boobs- So a few weeks ago I get in a cab and the driver greets me in broken English. I was a little relieved because that helps me when it comes to telling him my destination. He then proceeds to say random things that just blew me. He says, "You have pretty face! But you no good! You have no boobs. I like big boobs!" Again I was LMAO! Like dude I know I am a member of the itty bitty titty committee but you feel the need to say that wild shit to me???

Teacher, You don't taste like chocolate!- So my first month here a student licked my arm and then looked at me perplexed and stated, "Teacher, you don't taste like chocolate?!" Fa real kid????! I thought that was kinda cute though after I was done being grossed out.

Bali Bali!- This in Korean means hurry hurry. While at the ticket window trying to get information about the bus schedule the random Korean chick behind us smacks Best Bup's purse and says, "BALI BALI!" Best Bup is workin on "not being such an asshole" so she kept her cool and just rolled her eyes at the chick.

There are many more stories of hotness than this but I am drawing some blanks at the moment. But we all know if these things were said or done in America it would be more of an issue. But here I am learning to just let things roll off or use them as an opportunity to enlighten if I can.


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the gentleman's anger. Although there is a culture divide and limited input on the American "Way of Life" people are not stupid. They know that some of the stuff said is edgy and/or offensive but have the benefit of speaking to foreigners in their native land.

South Korea is one of the gaming capitals of the world, so people are exposed to more than what they let on.

However, I also agree that to get worked up over every instance is fruitless, because then one would stay angry.

Uh...does anyone in that country believe that the former president committed suicide? It's lookin' a little fishy to me

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Yeah everyone knows he committed suicide. He left a note.

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