Monday, May 4, 2009

Six O'Clock in the Morning Bitchasness

OK Tell me the truth! What did you think?


Streetz said...

Hot Vlog! Im not mad at this! LOL @ ur homies 6am calls. He definitely had an Estrogen overdose! Good start. I need to restart my vlog too :-\ lol.



Dr. J said...

"I'm upwardly mobile." I cannot do it right now.

You did hoodwink him into a semi-booty call, but that's OK do what you do baby girl.

And wasn't that the wackest reunion show ever?

BlkWmnAnimator said...

You should really get a cam and have a Buppie conversation about different topics with other people. Make sure you have that one person that is intellectual but has to bring the funniness and it will be Golden!

FiGZ said...

i figured that was dwele. first vlog was good. it looked like u filmed this at 6am. "doo-whop, doo-whop"...i'm digging the district buppie's personal #2

The Tenant said...

who did the video editing? Nigerian Pictures United? rofl

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