Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reflection of You

Friendships. It is human nature for us to want to belong and relate to others.
My problem is I don't trust folks. Friendships, relationships whatever require you letting people close to you. That can leave you vulnerable. As I have grown up and observed, my friendship circle grows smaller. Why? Because I do not require much upkeep. I do not really care if people like me or not. Friends are a reflection of you.

Case in point, have you ever had a friend who was just a straight hoe? You thought she was madd cool, but she just like a freak. I mean OD Superhead, Two girls and One cup ish . Then all of sudden, folks start coming at you sideways? Thinking you are on some freaking ish?

You are who you hang out with. It is truly a reflection of you. This is why if you grew up in the hood and got buppitized, You love your hood friends, but you can no longer relate to them.

It hurts, but its life growing pains. Buppie's hang with Buppie's. It not exclustivity its a way of life.

Besides that, How many of us have true friends these days? Someone who really holds you down? Can tell you about yourself and you not feel no type of way? Who is on the same life track as you?

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