Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hiya Readers,
I had to put you all on to what so many of my friends are raving about.

"It's fun.. It's interactive.. You can call in or type alongside the talkshow in the chat and they'll air your comments."

This Sunday's topic:

Ladies do you really have any true platonic male friends? Lets be honest, even if you weren't interested hasn't every male friend you have, had a crush on you, tried to holla, or tried to smash at one point or another? Forcing you to quietly escort him to the friend zone? Leaving him there permanently...

Fellas same question, how exactly did you end up friends with all theses girls who resemble each other and your last 3 girlfriends? do you keep friends that are your "type" because at one time you had an alternative motive??? Did you get diverted to the friend zone or hear the, "you're like a brother to me" speech and played your position until you realized it is what it is, lets just be friends?

This Sunday we are going to go in on platonic friends and get to the bottom of whether or not they really ever exist truthfully, OR are they a byproduct of something else turned "FRIENDSHIP".

We talked about this before in my "Boundaries" blog and "friendships vs relationships" and I feel like we should start the convo early in its pure form straight up is it possible, how does it happen and why or why not???!!!

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