Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woman to Woman

Women to Women. How are your relationships with your female friends, colleagues, associates?

When one was younger, it was like we wanted to be friends with everyone and their momma. It would bother us so much to hear someone bad mouth us.

Now, many if us have limited true connections with women.
The older I get the more I appreciate those female relationships in my life. Here is my call to action to all my female bups out there: Examine your relationships with women. What is your levels of trust? What prevents you from improving your female relationships?


True2me said...

I dont like to make new friends as I have little tolerance for certain behavior

I am close to my fam and have 2 best friends that live far ..

We can curse eachother out and make up same day...or not contact eachother for a while but the love is never lost

thats true friendship

blkwmnanimator said...

I made a realization a couple weeks ago that I wish I had a close female friend.

I had a female best friend in high school, but our lives have taken different tasks so it is hard to talk as much as we did back then.

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Coincidently, I was just discussing this with my best friend the other day. She is more open to making female friends than I am. At times with woman I am turned off quickly with attitudes and too strong personalities.

However, I have quite a few close female friends from childhood that I have relationships with that are similar to the ones True2me described. We are truly like sisters! In addition a group of women I met through college, due to us being being in the same sorority, are some of the closest women to me.

I definitely feel as I get older making new female friends is simply not that serious to me. If I do meet a woman along the way that I click with and we do become friends I appreciate it. But I aint going out of my way to strengthen a friendship with a new female that I wasn't immediately comfortable with.

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