Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hilary on the State of the Black Union

It may seem a bit biased on Buppie for Barack. Honestly, this is due to the a lot of the interesting points his candidacy raises for the black community and the media coverage. His articles are more interesting, IMO.


I love Hilary Clinton. I love Barack Obama. The purpose is that we all make informed decisions.

Side note:
All i know is.... One of them better end up President. Seriously if McCain gets elected,... I'm going back to Africa. Rallying an army and we fitten to take the US over with spears, and rocks. Or better yet we will blow out of trajectory devices seeds of economic dis-function, and health scares. We will abolish the ability for you to own land, get a good education. We will end BET. We might even give the U.S AIDS back. I mean thats were it rightfully belongs???
Random thoughts for a Non Partisan Buppie...LOL

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HeaVy said...

Your side note is hilarious.

I have been undecided from the beginning of the whole campaigning process. I was for Hillary then i went over to Barack then back to Hillary. Its at a point where, I don't care if either wins as well. At this point its out of most of our hands, unless we live in the 16 states or so that have primaries.

Lets just hope for a better future.

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