Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She Hate Me

Dear Buppie,

She hates me. I am not sure why and I do not know what I did. In fact, I was sure that I had done everything correctly. The turning point came when I left the country to be with family. When I came back, I was met with a very stiff, cold, and unyielding response. I thought about her everyday and went to so far as to purchase souvenirs for her. Now, she is surrounded by people who only seem to agitate her disdain for me and all attempts at communication are met with harsh, vile, and or no response.

Now, I have been told that I could do better. But, I am not sure that I want to. This one is a keeper in my opinion..but maybe I am wrong.

I feel like I am in the twilight zone and the joke is, and has been for the last month, on me. Some advice would be nice.

- She Hate Me


I hate to be the bearer of news that you do not want to hear but you can do better DUH! If somebody doesn't even care enough to keep it real with you as to why they choose to no longer have a relationship, which you assumed was healthy, then they are not worth your time. I mean maybe she met someone when you went away. Did you all talk as much while you were out of the country? It all sounds a little fishy to me.

And now you say she surrounds herself with people who are not your advocates. Do you have a secret life SHM? Did she find out while you were gone that you were a hoe who has slept with several of her friends? (J/K or maybe not if it is true.) But anyway eff the haters and get to the root of your problem. If she won't answer your calls, and your attempts to see her are futile don't turn into a stalker. Just realize she is not the one and move on. If you are honestly a good guy this chick aint worth your time!

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