Monday, February 4, 2008

Its a Family Affaaaaaaaaaair!

Dear Buppie,

What should you do if you find out your best friend's boyfriend is cheating with her sister?


So let me get this straight? People really lead this Jerry Springer type of life? People really suck.
Anyway the question you pose is touchy but solvable. So depending on how you roll is how you can set this up. I see 3 options.

A. Strait out of Compton Style: You can just plan tell your best friend. Sound simple huh? Well, it's not snitching. Its doing what friends should do, look out.

B. 50 Cent vs. The Game Style: You could go to the boyfriend and tell him to stop. Or the sister. Try to make peace. YAAAAAAWN.

C. Madea Family Reunion style: The most interesting and time consuming way, is to set up the boyfriend and sister so that you best friend just falls into and sees it for herself. This does not guarantee your best friend will break up though she may find out and forgive this trifling dude, or bang out or proceed to get banged out by her sister.

Either way it important you clear out this situation. Why have this issue on your conscious? What is the worst that could happen? Your not the cheater. If you friend gets mad at you, proceed to plan 3. Plan 2 I’m definitely not a fan of (Wanksta) . That’s not your business, your best friend is.

Just the District’s Buppie’s POV.

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