Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I feel like Slapping a B@#%h today

Dear Buppie,

Can you help me? Someone recently told me (with the funds to back it up) that they would give me $23 million if I could prove that giraffes do not exist. I am thoroughly convinced that I can, but any more suggestions would be nice.

Also, I have recently learned that two of my associates are in a relationship, with the young man physically abusing the young woman. I could intervene immediately, but I have not thus far. I have not because so many other people are aware of the situation (actual friends) and I would not want to be overstepping my bounds. IF I intervene now, it will be violent with the loss of a limb or two and a mild inability to speak on account of a...sore throat. What should I do?


Dear Solider,

Giraffes Don't Exist - The best video clips are right here

Giraffes?? 23 Million dollars? Please stop the Amy Winehousing. Take you’re a$$ to rehab!!

On to the pertinent thing:

So this is a pretty interesting situation. Know your role! I’m glad you recognized what it in this situation. An associate, not your friend, is getting the 5 fingers to the face. Mhmf…
So here is what I think you should do:

Mind your own business.

If her friends, the true folks who should have a vested interest in her are not intervening, then that’s on them. Home girl is not your friend you do not have enough of a relationship to truly make an impact. The most I would do is whoever the common friend you have, speak with that person. If that person doesn’t make moves, hey, you did your best as an associate.

~*~ The District’s Buppie POV ~*~

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