Friday, February 8, 2008

If You're White, You're Alright!

So a fellow buppie who I am quite close to has started seeing a really nice guy. He is considerate, honest, patient, attentive, sweet, and white. After being around him a few times I have gotten to know him and he is a great guy. He is funny and down even though he is whiter than white. It's so funny because one day we were watching a movie and in the scene people were camping out in their backyard. My friend and I were like who really camps out in the backyard? He looked up kind of puzzled like you all never camped out in the back yard when you were kids? We both looked up like dawg we're black! And on top of that we are from the hood. It wasn't really safe. So there are cultural differences but he is a lot of fun and great to be around. And I feel like I am seeing him too. He never lets either of us pay when we go to eat and when I stay at my fellow buppie's house he often brings us breakfast. Perfect man!

Here is my problem. It's like after hearing these stories told from my fellow buppie people get into this state like "Yeah girl that's how white men are! You need to keep him. Aint no black man gonna treat you as good as a he will" Even my fellow buppie has said that he is the most considerate man she has ever dated. But she honestly is having trouble getting past the fact that he is white. Here is my issue: A good man is a good man PERIOD! They do not come in colors! WTF?! I am certainly not against dating outside my race but I am not about to believe that if I want quality in a man I have to! That's a bunch of bs. I mean let's face it there are some triflin black men out there. Just like there are some white, asian, indian, or whatever other nationality you can think of, out there that are trifling as well.

All this positive reinforcement that my fellow buppie is getting is literally making me sick. It seems to me she is not getting it because she found a nice guy but because he is WHITE! Now if he was beating her ass all these same people would be screaming white devil. BLACK WOMEN DON'T SETTLE! I know I'm going to find a good man. Granted I am bias, which I think I have right to be, because I do want a black man. However, I am not discriminating as long as you love Jesus, are easy on the eyes, have a 401K, a good Fico score, and know how to seriously treat a woman, holla. Don't care what race you are, K?! Okay enough with my personal ad these are just some of my thoughts.


FICO Man said...

I think that it is absolutely fine that she is dating a white man, but i just feel a little irritated being that i am a good BLACK man, and that just because he treats her right yall are doggin us out.


She has the right to find the white/right man.
However let it be known that she could also attract the right black, brown, yellow man if she wanted to as well.
She may be good, but she's not perfect.
What comes to us on the outside is a reflection of what is going on - - on the inside lets all keep it real.
Sometimes ultimately we treat ourselves worse than the people we accuse of maltreatment -
examples - things we eat, drinking, smokin budz, lack of exercise...

So we look for love from the outside to compliment that and we end up getting more of whats inside.

I say get yourself together than the right person will fill in the blanks.


Congrats to her on finding a good one!

PS I am a good man, i know how to love a woman appropriately, i have a damn good amount of money, good car, stock in mutual funds, but my FICO score sucks!

Lets keep it real you can't judge a man based off of his attraction to free t shirts in college; he has to live and learn.

Maybe a white woman will love me then whether I am a Fico man or not?


Until next time.


Up&Coming Buppie said...

Whose doggin you out? Certainly not I Fico Man. What are u referring to? Maybe you should re-read because never did I dog out a good Black man. WHOMP! As for the rest of your comments....quite interesting

Anonymous said...

I would date a white guy. Coming back home from college, I am realizing more and more that I have less and less in common with these hood fellas.

Stick with it sista!

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Then you may not want to date a hood fella then. Don't give up on black men because you can't seem to find any that are not "hood" They aren't all hood. It depends where you find yourself looking for a good man!

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