Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Hard out here for a (Male) Buppie

Dear Buppie,

Hey, just to be clear, one of you owes me $230 million. He said that I could not prove, conclusively, that giraffes do not exist. However, since I was able to provide compelling evidence, I will simply have to make due with a grant.

[FYI, You are a$$ed out-DC Buppie]

I would just like to say that it is hard out there for a...Black man. Here is why. Villany!!!!

It would seem that all Black men are villians in relationships. You don't believe me? Well, consider the following:

1) Whenever there are stats regarding the proportion of good to bad Black men, the negative ALWAYS possesses the overwhelming majority.

2) Black men that are scoundrels in relationships are more..."entertaining" then Black men that are willing to compromise and so those worthy of a Black woman tend to be overlooked.

3) Black woman complain that there are not enough Black men out there, but that last time I looked Black women were not actually looking for a good man, they were looking for a marketable trophy, complete with loyalty, funds, and bragging rights built into the framework.

4) I hardly ever hear about the faults that Black women have from each other. Put differently, one always hears about the faults of a Black man from is female counterpart. And, Black men will admit their faults (just not on anyone else's time table), but Black women wish to remain faultless.

5) According to Star Wars, one's focus determines one's reality. If Black women continue to villianize men, they will not be able to see past their own assumptions. The one-word summary for this is called, PREJUDICE.

6) For every Black man that has hurt a Black woman, please believe that there are several Black women that have hurt a few Black men.

Consider and respond to these points. And, I received a grant for a miniscule $100, 000. And, there is a correction; I was Ayn Randing, not Amy Whinehousing. More William David Thoreau [You mean Henry David Thoreau? Point taken nonetheless. -DC Buppie] and less Ralph Waldo Emerson.


John Smith

I'll let the comments respond to this one.......


FocusedFemaleGem said...

Here are the facts about Black Men....

1. Black men make up about 50% of the jail/prison population and black people make up roughly 12% of the overall population to begin with....
2. There are more black women going to college than black men; therefore, less chances of a black women meeting a black man with a degree (not a job..a degree)
3. There are a lot more black men marrying latinas, white, asians...than black women

MY Conclusion:
STATISTICALLY...There are less chances for a good black women to meet a good black man

my opinion...based on what i have seen..
1. Some good black men realize their an anomaly and market that. Dating and not committing to any women realizing the fact that they are scarce.
2. Other good Black men like to have women come to them. They don't approach and let a female know they are interested. They just have a good personality and have tons of female friends (because they inevitably put them in the friend zone)

Fellas...get some balls and talk to women that you like. Learn to court and stop complaining like you are at a disadvantage in the game.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why race has to be an issue? What's wrong with a good man dating/courting/marrying a good woman regardless of each others race?

I subscribe to the reason and season theory. Timing is everything and sometimes people are put in your life at the time when they are needed. Sometimes those people are only around for a season. I'm not gonna end my season early becuase a woman isn't black! Hypothetically speaking, why should a date a black woman that treats me like shit, when I can date another that treats me like gold?? I'm not sacrificing my hapiness for the sake staying w/ a black woman. I'll marry the first woman that I feel deserves my arm regardless of race.

I think we are selling each other short by pre-determining certain relationships. I challenge you all to give some one of another race a chance. We are all god people regardless of race. Have an open mind, and I gaurantee you'll be surprised!

-->The Equal Opportunity Dater

Up&Coming Buppie said...

It's so funny that you should mention that because I too am an equal opportunity dater and a black woman. Granted I have some favoritism toward black men because I am black however if I find a man that I connect with that's another race I will be with him. It's soooooo funny though because I wrote about a fellow buppie who is dating a white man who treats her like gold in another post and I got some responses from black men that were not so favorable both on the blog and in my personal inbox. Sooooo it's not just black women with the problem of interracial dating, sweety. It seems black men may want to have it both ways but as soon as black women talk about dating outside the race we are dogging yall. Just my personal observation.

And let me just say in America race is ALWAYS an issue. As much as we think we have moved from it it's still there. Even in dating!

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