Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Run's House...the new Cosby Show??

I am sure that many of the readers of this blog have to be familiar with the reality TV Show "Run's House" featuring the black family lives of Reverend Run of Run DMC.-- A rapper.--

I watched it here and there. Never an entire season through, however many of my friends and associates comment and call this show is the new "Cosby show".

I caught a repeat episode two days ago. I could not help but draw a parallel of this show vs. the Cosby’s.

The Cosby show featured a large family living in a Row home/ Brownstone in Brooklyn NY. The father was a Doctor, the mother a lawyer. All the children were educated to some degree and disciplined. They were not poor, but the Cosby’s were not balling out of control. The appeared apart of the middle class, however their tastes were of that caliber of a seasoned buppie couple.

Flash Forward: 2 decades.

Run's House, features a Rapper turned Reverend w/o a church and his 6 children. The mother is a house wife. His first 3 children have another mother. His children are bought cars for graduating from high school. He kids are asking for "nice things" i.e. cars, video games, clothes. They almost always get it. The children are well connected because of their father and uncle’s presence, and thus get opportunities dropped into their hands.


Is it just a coincidence that the majority of the youth displays high interest in entertainment type of careers? Everywhere they look, it’s the thing to do? Look at Soulja Boy?? [IF I see him in the streets, IMA SUPAMAN his A$] Where the shows on TV are that showcase needed careers like doctors and lawyers of color? Professional degrees? When did that go out of style? At this point, 20 years from now we are going to have a hella a lot of rappers and singers, but we all are going to be dying of the damn flu and diabetes, and all be in jail. (Sounds like what is going on today?!..)

I hate to say it, but these shows are a reflection of our society. Shows like Run House’s influence the youth the same way the Cosby show influenced me as a child. I mean, if I was talented in singing and dancing, I would do a jig. BUT, I bet I would be studying music in COLLEGE, because the Cosby show influenced me to want to be educated.

While, I do watch these shows for their entertainment value, I worry for those who cannot differentiate that this is entertainment and not an online career fair because it appears fly, flashy and easy!

What happened? What happened is this: My conjecture is as the black excel in the late 70s and 80s their children where afforded more opportunity. Some Parents slipped. You spoiled your children, and I continue to see spoiled lazy ass black folks seeking to do what they believe is easy with big payoffs.i.e rapping, acting, being on you tube doing a jig…

With that being said: Regrettably, in drawing similarity to what was going on in each generation, issues of the black family, and raising children, respectively ….

Run’s House is the new Cosby show.

What are we bups left to do?

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HeaVyyNeSsS said...

So true,

In this day and age, all people care about is BLING. Its becoming unacceptable to just live a good life and love God. Ill continue later cuz my battery is dying

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