Friday, October 17, 2008

Inconsiderate B!tches

Inconsiderate B!tches are giving us GOOD Women bad raps.
I consider an Inconsiderate B!itch just what its says. A female DOG who does not take into consideration other peoples feelings. She pisses everywhere. She is not trained. She runs wild.

Let me mention, It is OK to be selfish when it just effects you or the other person is cool with it, however when they are not AND you know they are not and you still pursue the situation for your sole benefit, that just WRONG.

Case in Point: Do you know someone who really plays with peoples emotions just because? Dude likes girl. Girl really not feeling him, but continues to flirt with him. Asks dude to visit her, knowing good and well she not feeling him. He gets there. She doesn't like him so she plays him when he gets there.

Now on some realness, no GROWN MAN or GROWN woman suppose to be traveling to see someone, when its clearly not platonic, and not expect to beat. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. So what I am saying is this; if a man is traveling to come see you because you asked for it, Or coming over after midnight because you asked, please consider his feelings. After all he is a Man. A man is going to feel like SMASHING. Please CONSIDER this before you extend an invite. Most women do. I.E The BOOTY CALL HOURS RULE.

But then there does exist the inconsiderate bitch who will proceed just because she is amused from it. Act like he is wrong for getting a hard on!

Another point case, just for better understanding is when women MEALS on WHEELS. I know I am going to catch flack, but I think it is inconsiderate for woman just to go out with dudes for a meal. Please please, stop wasting a dudes time doing this! He is not paying for nothing!! He wants something in return, and I urge you to be considerate. He will be the main dude playing bugaboo. If you not feeling him, go half on the meal. OR at least, try to find another reason other than food to go out with him! (Networking, something)

I urge us women to be more understanding of Men's wants. Let's not take advantage of people for shyts and giggles.


Anonymous said...

"she pisses everywhere, she is not trained." lol. I for one was guilty of doing things such as this but I was a YOUNG girl. Now that I am GROWN I agree with you to a degree. After hours booty calls are a no-no if you know he not smashing. But if a guy asks you out and you hungry why not??? I of course would not make a habit of night only if I am uninterested

D said...

My question is thus: How many times is a woman guilty of this before she is termed inconsiderate? The argument: She may only do it once. However, if the offense is once per guy , isn't that still 100% of the time?


What about professional lack of courtesy? Don't you know I spent months working on this blasted project (raised money and made TOO many phone calls); suddenly, she can't help me anymore! We go from constantly communicating to NO phone calls, NO emails and she FINALLY tells me she can't help. Ain't that an inconsiderate...

Don't ya'll get pissed when we have pull out early?


I asked this SAME vixen to help me with a personal matter (her professionalism applies here, as well) and I have to wait MONTHS before I get a response.

D said...

I ain't done yet.

We were working out plans to meet over lunch when I present her with the fruits of my labors. Here is what she tells me; "Oh, I am seeing somebody".


Did I say I wanted to smash, hit, beat, etc.? Did I say I wanted to come over to your place and dig in? DID I EVER TELL YOU I WANTED TO TOUCH YOU?

What does this have to do with the post? I think that she is so used to being inconsiderate she couldn't comprehend a man's genuine respect.

Somebody help me out with this one. I almost lost thousands of dollars on that inconsiderate (but supposedly good)...chick.

Anonymous said...


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