Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear Buppie,

Okay so I have been invited to a wonderful event which will be filled with lots of buppie people to network and hang out with to celebrate Halloween at the end of the month.
I just realized, however that...after looking around site after site, there are no BLACK COSTUMES?!!!

Do I have any other type of choices? Whats up with that... We dont have any "superheroes," or anyone that we can step foot in and "be" for one day?

Gimme a break....
Angry in October

The Districts POV:

I totally feel you. I just racked my brain this entire weekend thinking of what if we are in this predicament, what about Asians and Latinos? They are just as EFFed as we black folks are, If not worse off!! Angry in October, this was such a good question!

Why does is seem that all the costumes seem to be driven for Caucasians? Is this their holiday?

The reality is. It is. LOL. However, it does not mean we cannot join in and enjoy it! I am glad your buppie friends went out on a limb, and conducted such a buppie event! I love it!

The reason I think people really enjoy this Holiday is because they really can be anything they want to be for a day. You and I, need to think like that when we are going for these costumes. So what Superman is white!

That night you are going to be the flyest Superman. That is the aim of the Day.

Now, Now! When you walk through that costume store, you are going to want to be safe and typcial. The typical black costume for me, is anything that one can hook up with the outrageous Afro. 70s. Black Exploitation films. Pimps. Ain't that a shame? DO NOT TAKE this easy way out!

So, I advise you to go balls to the wall. If it does not look like typical out of character of black costume, You do it! I mean really do it! Make people believe that is you! That is the point of Halloween! Go Big!

Up&Coming's POV:

I am the wrong bup to ask about this one because I do not celebrate Halloween. When I was younger I did and I was a witch, pirate, cheerleader etc. Me and my best friend go back and forth about this all the time. My bestfriend LOVES Halloween because it is the time where she can be creative and provocative at the same time. I am honestly not amused with it and just think about my mother picking through the candy she didn't want me to eat as a kid.

With that said here are still some thoughts. Be whatever the heck you wanna be and transform that to fit you. A friend of mine was the prettiest BLACK Marilyn Monroe one year. I was like wow and everyone else was like "Marilyn who?" because she made it her own. One year my mother dressed as a flapper and I thought that was cool! However, I think you may be a guy so that may not work for you. LOL A friend of mine went one year in a nice suit as GOD's gift to women wearing a label that read: To Women From GOD. Thought that was interesting.

Maybe part of the reason I do not celebrate Halloween is because I have some of the same sentiments about it that you do now that I think about it. But I agree with The District's Bup when she says it is the day where you can transform whatever you want to suit you! So I suggest you just decide what you want to be, put your own spin on it and do it up!

Here are some suggestions from my BFF who I referenced earlier ( I asked her for ideas cuz I don't have a clue on this one):

- Cop

- Love Doctor

- Cowboy

- Adam (if you have a date she can be Eve)


Angry In October said...

Thank you guys!! I appreciate that you both gave it thought and took my question seriously...

Adam and Eve sounds like something that should be done in private!

I will hit the costume stores and see what I can pull off...

FiGZ said...

Halloween has definitely evolved into a more creative holiday, most often by younger professionals and individuals. I remember last Halloween in the the Village there was a couple as "Butter & Toast", and a creative costume goes to a gentleman who was supposed to be "Wilson", who is the next door neighbor of Tim in "Home Improvement". He had the red/black plaid shirt with a mini fence attached to the shirt that came all the way up and covered his nose revealing only his eyes and his hat. I'm gonna be the "800 lb gorilla in the room"...shhhh don't tell :-D

The Tenant said...

The recession has me wearing a mask everyday not just on Halloween

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