Friday, October 3, 2008

You Embarrass Me

Sarah Palin makes me sick. Nothing about her represents me. The only thing we do have in common is that we menstruate.

Throughout her introduction in the campaign, I dismissed her largely based on her political stance.

However last night I was pushed to the edge and now its personal. If I saw her and W Bush together, and could only slap one, I would Bitch Slap the SHYT out of Palin!

How can a woman disgrace herself and other women like that? It frustrates me to no end to see her BS and look ditzy in these interviews and debates! Then play the media card? The Media is cruel, but do you expect us to believe they are being EXTRA cruel to you Palin? When you cannot even remember to say "I read ....such and such paper."

Well At least we know she reads....NOTES!

Thanks ThinkProgress!

You are a poor representation of a female Leader. As a woman, you have to go harder, when you are competing with men. You have to go over and above. The same rule applies to anyone(minority) against a white male. You Palin, look dumb and unprepared all the time. You read, and BS thru the debates. It wasn't cute. You were trying to make it cute, but I was offended that you would have to stoop that low!

The fact that within the last 5 weeks you have not been able to positively represent yourself, or show that you have even read up on McCain's position is devastating to me. You bring shame to female leaders.

Sarah Palin, you embarrass me.

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