Monday, October 6, 2008

New TUPAC song???

So on my ride home today, after brushing up on my Rosetta Stone audio companion (gettin my Espanol on), I decided to listen to the radio. And to my surprise there was a new Keyshia Cole song. I wasn't really excited about Keyshia. I can take her or leave her. However, Tupac opened the song with a verse. Oh schnap this is Tupac's song! Now I was not the biggest Tupac fan, however, I respect him for being one of the best lyricists ever in hip hop, a true poet. Plus I love his voice. So hearing him on a new jam through the airways was bittersweet for me. (I was a tad bit hott because he only rapped in the beginning of the song then Keyshia sang the rest.) Then I thought "this dude has been dead for 12 years now and still puttin out music?! Damn he must have recorded a LOT of shit.

Then it made me think about the age old Tupac really dead? LOL. Many don't believe he is. I remember when Tupac died, I was in the 7th grade. And one of my closest friends at the time was the biggest Tupac fan EVER AND STILL IS! She probably still doesn't believe his ass is dead either. But before his death she was always saying "Tupac is going to die soon" and I'd just be lookin at her like what?! She was like "yeah he is gonna fake his death. It is apart of the Makaveli ." So when he actually died I think it was consoling for her to think that he really was not dead.

Listening to Tupac's voice just took me back and made me think about how hip hop has changed more for the worse than the better. It also made me think damn, I hope Luther recorded a lot of stuff we haven't heard! I would love to hear a new Luther jam 10 years from now!

Anyway I leave you with this Tupac and Michael Jackson collabo that my friend just put me on. WOW! I wonder what Tupac would think about this one....

SMFH! R.I.P Tupac


BlkWmnAnimator said...

Is it just me or does the rap not go with the beat?

Up&Coming Buppie said...

That MJ and Tupac jam?? Naw girl that aint you! The rap is def not on the beat.

Amir F. said...

you're not the only one. i listened to it for a quick second and couldn't take anymore of the rhymes trying to match the beat, because both were off.

D said...

¿Tǔ hables español? Okay,¡bueno!

Yo creo que esta canción está mal hecho. No podía ser liberado antes porque Topac no era la leyenda que es ahora.

Además, su música es más notable debido a que muchos artistas contemporáneos son pobres letristas.

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