Tuesday, October 21, 2008


OK Third Debate. We are closer to naming someone our President of America!

There is all this damn talk about Joe the damn Plumber, Joe Six Pack! EWW.

You forgot all about Joanna the Buppie or Johnathan the Buppie?

All over the US, us buppies are upset with this government.

In the words of Ms. Buppie Buppie, "I HAVE BEEN PAYING SALLIE MAE THEIR MONEY FOR 2 YEARS AND MY LOAN STILL 20 G'S!" Education is too damn expensive. Our kids school sucks. American schools are not good enough. Charter schools are cool. But damn I do not always qualify?

Buppie on Abortion:

SMDH. Can someone name anything he did for black people?

Business being Fined for lack of healthcare:
If you do business, and you cannot afford to provide healthcare for your employees, you deserved to get fined! Main reason ppl need healthcare cus they are working me to damn hard!

Big Business:
EFF your tax break If I had more money, Big business would get theirs...

Healthcare Credit from John McCain:
5000 for the whole yr??? Whylin! .

We need to create jobs. We do need to reexamine everything, and cut strategically.

I cut your ass if you raise my damn taxes!

All buppies differ in what they think, just as plumbers. However neither candidate has addressed us? What would you tell them, they are whylin on? Or a point they missed? Or what you are really feeling?

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FiGZ said...

since john edwards fell back into the mist and was later destroyed, neither candidate has said anything in regards to the poor. edwards was the poors voice for his short time as a potential candidate for the democratic nomination, but since then "no mas". "que?"

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