Monday, September 8, 2008

Field Day with Palin

If you are not a avid internet reader like me, then you certainly have been missing out, on these reactions to Republican VP Pick Sarah Palin. I was reading, Anderson 360. These particular comments stood out to me. Check out the comments section for your self.

I’m curious. Will Sarah Pallin, if the Republicans win in November receive less pay as the first female Vice President since McCain “opposes a Senate bill that seeks equal pay for women because it would lead to more lawsuits?” I am also curious as to what Pallin’s take on this would be. Do you think that the Republicans will be able to provide her with enough “education and training” before they start campaigning together?

In my opinion, I believe the only reason McCain decided to choose Palin as his running mate was to gain in the popular vote, and to try to steal away some of Clinton’s deligates. This should be a wake up call to America. McCain has shown the American people that he is not necessarily concerned with the problems in America, rather, he is more interested in his own agenda. As an American woman I am offended by his choice. The reason I am offended is because I do not believe McCain picked Palin for her intelligence, rather, he picked her for her gender. Anyone with intelligence should be offended by McCain’s decision. And to answer the question if Palin would have been picked if she were a man, my answer is no. Further, the fact that this question is even being asked should also be a wake up call for Americans.

As a pro-life, educated, professional woman, I am so proud of McCain’s choice of Palin. It is quite obvious that the media and many of the liberal elites are threatened by her. The Midwestern states will matter more than the predictable liberal states such as NY, CA etc. in this election and I think many of you will be surprised!! Not a single person in my office is voting for Obama and most of the office is composed of female Democrats! The choice of Palin today caused a major buzz in the office, in fact, in the entire building. Average, hard-working Americans with traditional values identify more with Palin than with Obama. McCain was brilliant in picking her. I suggest that the media and liberal elites spend more time in the Midwest to understand why Palin will appeal to many blue-collar Democratic women. Go McCain/Palin. p.s. Real feminists don’t kill babies!!

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Jason said...

"Consider what we have seen." - Morpheus

Cheney - most corrupt man in the history of WORLD.
Liebermann - former VP candidate, who has turned on his party endorsing the Republican party and its Pres/VP choice. (that's solidarity)
Edwards - former VP candidate who cheated on his wife while she was dying of CANCER.

Now, is Palin really that bad? She's looking pretty good when you compare her to others....

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